Improving Posture Helps People Regain and Maintain a Vibrant Quality of Life

When people can’t stand straight easily without pain or tension it affects how they move, feel, and look.  Research shows that poor posture can also have serious negative health effects impacting mental functioning/sense of well-being[1], heart and lung capacity[2], blood pressure[3] in general contributing to a poor quality of life and unhealthy aging. 

Posture Vitality chiropractic care goes beyond other therapies (including other chiropractors) that you may have tried providing a unique drug & surgery free corrective method plus a step by step plan to help you stand straighter, move with less pain and effort, and get back to doing the things you love.  

Some common results on the first visit:

  • easier breathing
  • improved posture
  • reduced pain/symptoms
  • a sense of "lightness" and increased energy

Start Your Journey to Moving, Feeling, & Looking Better Today:

Step 1:  Schedule a free consultation with the doctor to make sure you are a candidate for our advanced methods of structural correction. If you are, we can get started right away.

Step 2: Examination/test treatment if appropriate.

Step 3: The Dr. will provide you with a detailed report of your condition with a step by step plan of action to help you achieve your goals.


[1] Goldstein, L., Makofsky, H., (2005) TMS/Facial Pain and Forward Head Posture. Pract Pain Manag. Jul/Aug 2005 5(5) 36-39

[2] Caillet R., Gross L., (1987) Rejuvenation Strategy. New York, Doubleday Co.

[3] Deuchars, J., Edwards, I., (2007) Bad Posture Could Raise Your Blood Pressure. Journal of Neuroscience 0638-07. 

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    I try to stay really active surfing and mountain biking. (Since starting care) I’ve been able to sleep a lot better, which is really awesome. I’ve always had these slight muscle pains at night, but with the adjustments and the exercises I have been able to relax at night and get a good nights’ sleep and when I wake up in the morning I don’t have a sore rib or sore back any more…it’s probably the best part of doing the therapy so far. I’ve noticed a lot more energy and a lot more ra

    Shawn C.

    I am a tile contractor with 3 young kids at home. I like to be physically fit so I can keep up with my 3 young kids. I was riding my bike just waiting for a pain to go away and it just wasn’t going away by itself in the lower back. I came in before when I had some shoulder pain and got results, so thought I’d see if I could get help with my low back. Now the pain is virtually gone. I mostly felt it when I was on my bike—I don’t feel it when I ride my bike anymore. I had it for 6 months a

    Joe G.

    I have experienced lower back pain on and off for the past 30+ years. On several occasions, I was unable to function for several days at a time without considerable pain. Since receiving treatment from Dr. Baxley most of my lower back pain has diminished. My back muscles and structure seem to be strengthened and I feel more confident in performing tasks where my back came into play. The treatments and exercise assignments have definitely been beneficial to my well being.

    Jim N.

    Dr. Baxley has helped me reach my fitness and orthopedic goals. I train very hard. She believes in helping her patients self care, giving them strategies to keep their health as their responsibility. She is so supportive and engaged in my total health. Such a great member of my health care team! Simply the best. I cannot say enough about the teamwork she has brought to my life.I work in healthcare and value her communication and teamwork focus. Dr. Baxley is simply the best!

    Mary Pat S.

    Neck pain due to automobile accident, back pain due to herniated disk and foot pain due to plantar fasciitis are the major complaints. I have had chiropractic and physical therapy in the past to treat the problems. Range of motion in the neck has improved, particularly on the left side and the leg twinges due to disk problems have considerably lessened. Due to Jane’s treatment and the exercises she gave me the neck and back pain has subsided. I am feeling much better and it is a definite pleas

    Diane C.

    I have been a chiropractic patient for over 50 years and have been treated by many different doctors with different techniques. I have been seeing Dr. Jane for approximately two months now. Dr. Jane and the ABC (Advanced Bio-structural Correction) technique are currently providing me with more relief than any other treatment I have received. Additionally, Dr. Jane is a very caring and gentle professional.

    Bob L.

    I have been going to Jane Baxley for some time. I stand on my feet all day in my job and I fell and hurt my back. Before I started with her I would end up with back spasms constantly and would go to urgent care, where they would treat me with pain meds. Since I have been going to Jane I have not been to urgent care nor have I needed any meds. She keeps me aligned. Thank you Dr. Baxley.

    Christine V.

    Dr. Baxley is very dedicated and really cares about her patients. She tailors the treatment to your individual needs rather than a cookie cutter approach. Gives a lot of help with exercise and posture. You leave her office feeling taller and straighter and breathing easier with little effort. Chiropractic has really helped me with lower back and neck pain and keeps me healthy and active.

    Allie E.

    Relieved of pain after 35 years! It wasn't overnight but I'm pain-free after an airplane crash in 1978 that left me with back, neck and head pain. I'd had difficulty doing even minor work around the house and yard...I do almost anything now from yard work to handyman things around the house...I'll be 66 next week and the best I've felt in many years. Oh, results were almost immediate...Bonus is I'm now losing weight too.

    Dale H.

    Jane has worked MAGIC on me. I walked in there as crooked as a question mark "?" And in so much pain i could barely walk. I cannot tell you enough how great she is... you gotta try her out!

    Sandy C.

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